Veneers by Dr. Baran in Princeton, NJ

Veneers are a wonderful means of rejuvenating teeth that are discolored, worn, misaligned, or misshapen. Made of a thin layer of tooth colored porcelain and bonded to the fronts of the teeth, veneers are custom designed and applied in a relatively short amount of time to deliver dramatic results with little to no discomfort. We at Princeton Natural Health Care in Princeton, NJ can give you quality veneers in a relaxing, comfortable environment. Dr. Baran can perform this procedure for you, delivering stunning results for that beautiful smile.

Veneers typically require two visits to our practice in beautiful Princeton, NJ. In the first appointment, Dr. Baran will assess your needs and create a suitable treatment plan. He will then remove a small portion of the tooth to make room for the custom veneer. An impression of the tooth will then be made before a temporary restoration is placed during this first appointment.

The next step involves a skilled technician, who will craft a veneer that will fit in perfectly. This usually takes about 2 weeks. When you return to our Princeton, NJ office, Dr. Baran will remove the temporary restoration, clean your tooth, and then bond the permanent veneer to your natural tooth. And that’s it! Your smile appears more beautiful with natural-looking veneers in place. You can go about your regular activities after this second visit to Dr. Baran.

With proper brushing, flossing, and dental maintenance, veneers can last for many years. You can enjoy the meals you like best at your favorite Princeton, NJ restaurants. Bear in mind, though, that heavy use of coffee, tea, or tobacco can stain veneers. Habits such as biting your nails and chewing on pens or pencils must also be avoided. Dr. Baran will give you advice on how to properly maintain your veneers.

Veneers can be a quick, easy, and painless way to treat cosmetic issues of the teeth. Call us today at 609-454-3540 to discuss your needs and learn how veneers can be a great treatment option. We at Princeton Natural Health Care in Princeton, NJ believe that you should “live, laugh and smile”. Visit us in Princeton, NJ and be treated to excellent dental care!