About Us

Associated Dental Arts has built a reputation over the last 20 years for providing excellent dental care for the entire family! We are committed to excellence and we want your dental experience to be a positive one!
From simple dental procedures like dental crowns, dental implants, dental bonding, or teeth whitening to more comprehensive smile designs, the transformation to a beautiful lasting smile is truly remarkable. Dr. Baran has been trained in the most recent techniques and dental advancements.

Dr. William P Baran

Associated Dental Arts LLC.
Princeton's Cosmetic and Natural Dentistry
Dr. William Baran leads this progressive dentistry practice. His experience on holistic dentistry, truly places this dental practice a part from the competition.

Natural dentistry enhances physical health and eliminates any compromise to the immune system. Your mouth and teeth are the gateway to your health. Their goal is to have your teeth look their best, feel good and last a lifetime. Teeth are interconnected to all organs and glands in your body; they can harbor infections without symptoms and erode the body’s immune response. Their focus is on nutrition and education for oral and overall health.

Associated Dental Arts offers a variety of services and products, including biocompatible materials to restore teeth to their natural state—mercury amalgam (silver) fillings are not used. “We know that everyone with dental restorations receives a constant trace level exposure to all the metals and chemicals presents in their restorative materials,” explains Dr. Baran. “Nothing we use to fix teeth can be considered inert—this applies especially to mercury fillings, which have been proven to continuously release measurable quantities of highly toxic mercury; and crowns made from non-precious metal alloys, which often release highly allergenic nickel.”